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Members of the 2023 Board:

President: Arnold Terry
Vice President: Cliff Hatcher
Rich Moushegian

Treasurer: Rich Moushegian

Safety Officer:  Ben Methvin
Newsletter Publishers:
John Adams

Webmaster: Richard Johnston

The Georgia Sport Flyers Association is a non-profit organization devoted to the promotion, education and safety of ELSA/Ultralight flight, but encourages and accepts members from all walks of aviation. Membership is $30.00 per year and entitles you to receive an electronic copy of the newsletter "THE SPORT FLYER" immediately when issued, otherwise, you may view our monthly newsletter on our web site approximately one month after issue. Membership applications with payment should be brought to a membership meeting or mailed to:

The Georgia Sport Flyers Association

Attn: George Kolasinski

475 East Main St., Ste 119
Cartersville, GA 30121


Meetings are normally on the second Saturday of the month, usually at Cartersville airport at Ben Methvin's hanger (B-1) and occasionally at other various locations around the metro Atlanta area, those locations will be posted in the newsletter, GSFA Facebook page, or on the GSFA web page.

The Sport Flyer is the official newsletter of the GSFA and is published on a bi-monthly basis. THE ARTICLES AND OPINIONS STATED IN THIS NEWS-LETTER ARE NOT NECESSARILY THE OPINIONS OF ALL OF THE MEMBERS.
It is the responsibility of each individual to make sure that the articles meet his or her needs and applications.

Articles from the membership and general public are highly encouraged and solicited. No material can be returned unless accompanied by sufficient return postage. To submit articles to the newsletter, send to:   webmaster.

All other correspondence should be mailed to:


Attn: George Kolasinski

475 East Main St., Ste 119,

Cartersville, GA 30121


or contact any club officer.